Aircall is Building a B2B brand through Sonic Identity


Aircall, the phone solution for SMBs, launches its bold sonic strategy with Sixième Son

In collaboration with Sixième Son, Aircall, a cloud-based call center and phone system for modern businesses, recently deployed its first ever comprehensive sonic strategy for a SaaS phone solution.

With $100M in annual revenue and valued at more than $1B, the startup founded in 2014 shows boldness and is living up to its status as a game-changer by investing in a sonic identity –  using the power of sound to enrich its brand experience for better recognition and customer engagement. 

Aircall chose a sonic identity that embodies technical solutions, energy and creativity, and the people behind them. The sonic identity is a mix between an easily memorable melody – inspired by the musical tastes of their music-loving founders – and very bright electro texture, halfway between UX design and music. Aircall will use the sound for its on-hold music, ringtone, on digital platforms and during events.

In an interview with CMO Australia, Aircall co-founder and CEO, Olivier Pailhes says: 

“We recently overhauled our visual identity, and in the process, decided to differentiate ourselves. My team and our agency, Sixieme Son, highlighted how strategic and powerful music can be for brand awareness and recall, which convinced me to update our sonic identity.

“Together, we came up with a unique sound that brings consistency at every touchpoint and helps audiences easily identify Aircall around the world. This new sonic identity is designed to create cohesion, to engage our employees, clients and prospects in a strong project, and to reinforce our leadership.”

Sixième Son’s Managing Director, Laurent Cochini, also shared that the building of Aircall’s sonic strategy was exemplary in many ways. “It was very inspiring to work for a company that is booming, moving fast, and innovating in sound – especially when driven by a music enthusiast,” he said. “Aircall’s ability to handle audio as a powerful tool is a strong sign sent to the market and further amplifies the leading status of the brand.”