Colleen Fahey in Harvard Business Review: What Does Your Brand Sound Like?


“Audio branding entails the creation of an entire audio language for the brand based on its essence, values, promise, and personality — a language that gets expressed across all touch points, from the web and apps to trade shows to TV to the retail environment and even the product itself. Just as the verbal or visual brand expression is optimized at each medium, the audio expressions are also sensitively adapted across the touch points, so they’re psychologically appropriate to the medium.”

A few years ago our U.S. Managing Director, Colleen Fahey, and her co-author, Laurence Minsky, wrote a blog article for Harvard Business Review about audio branding. Check out the full article to see how the strategic use of sound can play an important role in positively differentiating a product or service, enhancing recall, creating preference, building trust, and even increasing sales.

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash.