The startup Unlimitd gets a sonic identity


To launch their new brand identity and affirm their positioning, Unlimitd chose Sixième Son, the leading sound identity agency, to create its sonic identity and give momentum to its brand strategy.

Created by Julien Zerbib in 2021, Unlimitd is a 100% digital financing platform. The start-up aims to facilitate the financing of e-commerce companies.

Unlimitd – Sonic logo


Wishing to put entrepreneurs in the forefront, Unlimitd deploys a strong signature that is accompanied by the claim: “Unlimitd, liberate entrepreneurs”. The sonic identity supports the ambition of the brand and its clients.

This creation responds to a double challenge: to reinforce the link between the brand and its existing clients, by embodying Unlimitd’s values: fast, flexible, transparent, and to allow the start-up to develop its communication with new clients.

This identity will be used for the brand’s digital campaigns and, in the long term, for TV.

A fresh and dynamic signature to liberate entrepreneurs

The sonic signature is composed of modern and dynamic voices that embody the brand’s closeness and trust towards its customers.

Airy and light, Unlimitd’s sonic signature is inspired by the animated logo to translate the symbiosis between Unlimitd and entrepreneurs.

Dynamic and positive, the creation is in line with the brand’s visual identity, vibrant and lively. It suggests benevolence and sympathy to assert a committed positioning.

A signature that will allow the startup to leave a unique mark and support its ambition of becoming a key actor in Revenue-Based Financing in Europe.