U.S. MD Colleen Fahey Featured in Marketing Brew Article on Sound in the Workplace


“The key is to have the sound complement the product or the activity associated with the space,” Fahey said. “People respond to coherency…They just feel better when things seem to match.”

Maybe there’ll be an energizing soundscape playing in the parking lot to wake you up when you arrive in the morning, or swelling around your desk in the afternoon as you fight the post-lunch slump. Collaborative spaces could be filled with quieter, relaxing sounds that inspire focus and productivity. Last week, our U.S. Managing Director, Colleen Fahey, was featured in an article from Morning Brew’s Marketing Brew about bringing sound into the traditional work environment and the value of using music or soundscapes in historically quiet environments, like offices. She draws parallels between sounds in the workplace and the music chosen by airlines for boarding and deplaning, as well as the use of music at retail. When companies implement sound into their offices, Fahey says they should avoid using heavy percussion and suggests changing audio at least once a quarter. Check out the full article by Alyssa Meyers on Marketing Brew: Like it or not, your office might have its own sound one day