Dacia is an accessible brand that offers its clients the essentials of automobiles. We wished to add to this interesting positioning through the introduction of an emotional dimension, based on humanness and connexion to nature. The sonic identity embodies this new universe in an authentic and innovative way.

Andreea Culcea, Strategic Brand Manager Dacia

Robust, charming and minimal

A musical walk off the beaten path


To support the overhaul of its brand universe and generate emotion, Dacia wanted to create a sound identity. The challenge? To express what makes the brand unique: accessibility, simplicity, authenticity, robustness and a ‘natural’ spirit.

In a particularly competitive environment, Dacia is taking a new direction while remaining true to its DNA. A strategy supported by a coherent audio strategy.

Sonic identity

Robust, seductive and responsible, the sound identity demonstrates the brand’s adaptability to today’s challenges, evoking confidence, resilience, comfort and serenity.

It demonstrates Dacia’s influence, its down-to-earth approach and its ability to respond to today’s needs, both in its business sector and in its communications.


Deployed on TV, radio, digital and at international trade shows, the sound identity demonstrates Dacia’s ability to respond to today’s challenges, both in its industry and in terms of communication.

The sound identity has reinforced the perception of the brand as dynamic (77%), modern (80%), innovative (82%) and daring (80%).



Andreea CULCEA – Strategic Brand Manager, Dacia


Michaël BOUMENDIL – President & Creative Director
Laurent COCHINI – Managing Director
Delphine GUERIN – Key Account Director
Vincent TURBE – Senior Art Director
Marion COMBES, Alexis MANGOU, Pierre MOREAU – Musical Design