The instant that I heard the music, I knew that it was the sonic identity of the Tour de France.

Christian Prudhomme, General Director Tour de France

Sonic Identity

Tour de France


To reinforce its brand image, the Tour de France organizer, A.S.O., developed a comprehensive brand strategy, that includes sound. The challenge was to use music to create more consistency and impact throughout the year.

Since its launch in 1903, the Tour de France has become one of the world’s most iconic events, and it’s often considered as one of the most physically demanding individual competitions.

To strengthen the brand image and engage even more spectators and viewers, the event’s organizer, A.S.O., has developed a comprehensive sonic branding strategy aimed at enhancing the race’s spirit.

Sonic identity

The sonic identity expresses the culture of effort and self-transcendence inherent in competition. It also conveys the richness of a unique cycling race, the most followed in the world.

The heartbeats project the accelerating heart rhythm, but also the excitement of the competition.

The sonic branding tells an epic story. It explores all the peculiarities of the Grande Boucle, up to the discovery of the territories.

It celebrates the hero in every participant. It tells the story of a cyclist who surpasses their own limits, faces stages whose physical and mental difficulties seem impossible, and emerges victorious.


To build a holistic strategy, the sound identity was adapted at all points to offer spectators a unique experience.

From the unveiling of the route to the best-of videos posted after each stage on digital platforms, from the focus on stage highlights to the ceremonial music at jersey ceremonies, the sound identity has been adapted everywhere, for every purpose. The Village engages spectators by using sound cues for key moments such as the presentation of the yellow jersey, pauses in announcements, team presentations and the closing of the Village.



Michaël Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Delphine Guerin – International Project Director
Julien Goris, Vincent Turbé – Art Directors
Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin, Hugo Letexier, Romain Debrie, Pierre Moreau – Designers