Michelin 2024

We had the feeling that we were at the right place with the right sound, with the right music.

Jean-François Laforge, Group Communications Director

Life in motion

Modern, robust & on the move


Michelin is diversifying its activities beyond tires by committing itself to the development of the hydrogen sector and the promotion of sustainable mobility and wishes to illustrate this with a new sound identity.

Michelin wanted a strong sound signature for their new positioning: ‘Innovating for a better life on the move’.

Sonic identity

Reliable, enthusiastic and innovative, Michelin’s new sound identity embodies the promise of improving life in motion. It combines powerful electric guitars and light acoustic notes to create a sound identity that is modern, robust and warm.


Michelin’s new audio identity is widely perceived as modern, dynamic and well-suited to the brand, with high approval ratings in France, the United States, China and India.

It effectively expresses Michelin’s role as a manufacturer of automotive parts with its slogan ‘Motion for life’, enhancing proximity to its customers.



Jean-François Laforge – Michelin Brand and Commercial Communications Director
Christiane Zelus – Michelin Global Brand Manager


Michaël BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Officer
Laurent Cochini – Global Managing Director
Delphine Guérin – Chief Account Officer, France
Vincent TurbéGroup Creative Director
Alexis Mangou – UX Creative Manager
Pierre Moreau – Creative