The Genelec audio brand communicates perseverance, Finnish heritage, mystery and pioneering, with a touch of art added. Sound is a powerful and powerful means of communication. Audio branding, especially for us, is a natural way of telling the story of a brand and a company.

Siamäk Naghian, Managing Director

True to a strong Finnish heritage

With a touch of art


Ever conscious of the importance of quality in a sonic experience, Genelec sought to own a distinctive sonic identity to open a new chapter in the brand’s rich history of seeking out innovative solutions.

The challenge was to compose a piece of music that expresses the promise of unrivaled technical expertise, while capturing the unique dedication to pioneering, persevering and being true to their Finnish heritage – all with a touch of art and natural design.

Amundi focused on illustrating its tagline «Confidence must be earned» and asserting its brand as dynamic and modern, with strong institutional and corporate values.

Sonic identity

The simple orchestration is a crafted expression of timelessness, and is infused with a pure, natural, female voice. The voice soars above the instruments to create an artistic, surprising contrast, and adds a rhythmic feel without using percussion. The folk voice also suggests a sense of heritage from the far north of Finland and provides a memorable sonic logo element.

The composition is in a 7/4 time signature, which represents the seven letters of Genelec. Although this may seem to be a subtle touch, the commitment to detail is what sets Genelec apart and delivers on their innovative and honest brand promise.


The sonic identity can currently be heard on short TVC spots that run during Season 9 of The Voice of Finland; the music accompanies a fitting voiceover, “Genelec, when the sound/voice matter.” As 2020 unfolds,

Genelec has already implemented its audio identity across various digital touchpoints and in under a year, a winner in the category of Best use of Audio Branding in the Transform Awards – Nordics and in the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design.
  • Product film “The Ones”
  • TVCs
  • RAW product video
  • Music beds (avant-garde, heritage, bold) for all of their digital platforms



Siamäk Naghian – Managing Director


Michaël Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Ella Duda – Project Director
Julien Goris, Vincent Turbé – Art Directors
Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin, Pierre Moreau – Designers