Rugby World Cup 2023

Passion, emotion, celebration & performance

A sonic identity inspired by the players on the field


From 100 days before the competition to the last match, how to create a unique sound to arouse fervor, create an extraordinary emotion surrounding the Rugby World Cup 2023, and engage audiences?

The idea was to design a sonic identity that would run throughout the competition, be recognizable by all the major rugby nations, and consolidate the sport’s prestige and France’s reputation as the organizer of this major event.

Sonic identity

The sonic branding relies on a simple but powerful concept: the iconic sound of the collective push.

It has been translated into music in a sonic identity that celebrates the collective mindset of rugby. It incorporates the famous effort shouts so characteristic of the scrum. The crescendo adds to the intensity.

The Rugby World Cup 2023 sonic identity conveys cinematic and orchestral codes to create an epic, exhilarating universe.

The symphony infuses French electronic beats to enhance the competition’s French identity, with an orchestral foundation that evokes the event’s grandeur to create a powerful and engaging musical experience.


Respect, competitive spirit, and passion for rugby: the unique and powerful sound of the RWC contributed to bringing people together and celebrating rugby values, transcending boundaries.

The music and adaptations were played thousands of times at every game stage (players entering the field, trials, and end of matches).

The sonic branding generated massive media coverage, from regional daily newspapers to major national TV channels.

It finally led to the organization of a special ceremony in which Michael Boumendil, CEO of the agency, was decorated by the French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.



Julien Collette – General director
Martine Nemecek – Deputy CEO
Emmanuel Bouscasse – Communication director
Nicolas Schpoliansky – Consultant sport, Presentation & Ceremony


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Office
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Vincent Turbé – Group Creative Director
Eric Caissy – Chief Orchestrator
Julien Courjaud – Project Manager