LUX now boasts a sonic identity that exceeds market benchmarks, providing unity across campaigns while flexibly reflecting each one's unique tone.

Severine Vauleon, Global Brand Vice President

A groundbreaking sonic branding

Crafted 'For Women, by Women'


LUX, the world’s premier fragrance skin cleansing brand, faced a significant challenge: to resonate consistently across varied markets and appeal to younger consumers through sonic branding. 

The mission was clear: to create a cohesive and resonant sonic identity that would transcend cultural boundaries and celebrate beauty unapologetically worldwide.

Sonic identity

LUX introduced a groundbreaking sonic framework crafted ‘For Women, by Women.’

The music is very upbeat, both soft and powerful. It aims to speak to all women and empower them.
A version has been made with catchy lyrics.
The melody is highly memorable and easy to adapt.

Sixième Son played a pivotal role as the sonic branding agency, meticulously crafting a vast library of sound adaptations suitable for diverse platforms, ensuring consistent brand communication.


Within just six months of its introduction, the LUX pioneering Sonic Identity resonated with an astounding 4.7 billion audiences worldwide.

Sixième Son has developed an ever-growing music library of adaptations suited for TVCs, digital, events, and corporate content – all created in different moods, durations, and styles to offer variety and support brand recognition.

The LUX sonic identity not only elevated its brand recall but also became a resonant tribute to women, underscoring their resilience and strength.

This sonic branding strategy seamlessly blends global resonance with local relevance, culminating in over 10 distinct soundscapes.

The sonic identity also won gold at the Transform Awards Asia 2023.



Severine Vauleon – Global Brand Vice President
Sherawaye Hagger – Brand PR & Communications Lead, Personal Care
Zu Judy  – Global Brand Director
Swarnim Bharadwaj  – Senior Global Marketing Director
Angad Saxena  – Global Brand Manager
Nicolas Tran Dinh  – Global Digital, PR & Masterbrand Lead, LUX


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Florent Adam – APAC Managing Director
Yvonne Cheong – Project Manager
Alice Lépine – Artistic Director
Marion Combes – Music Planner