Barça sonic identity

More than a song, FC Barcelona


To express the “more than” spirit of the club and make their inspiring values spread the world, FC Barcelona needed sonic branding. The challenge was to bring consistency to the multisport club’s communications to make them even more impactful.

FC Barcelona is one of the most well-known football clubs in the world with the name “Barça,” which carries so much meaning to the Socios, city residents, and fans worldwide.

Their tagline, “Més que un club” (more than a club), is an attempt to embody this profound spirit: that they are more than victories or losses, more than players and fans, more than a game, more than its stars… They believe in the power that sports can change the world.

Sonic identity

More than a sonic identity, the result is an inspiring mix of heritage, traditions, rituals, emblems, anecdotes, and nuances unique to the Barça story.

The creative process involved a deep dive into the Catalan origins, their international appeal, and consideration of the current use of a semi-anthem – Cant del Barca – that is already well-known in the stadium.

The sound identity conveys the five key values that all audiences should understand and uphold: respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility.


The sonic identity strengthens the emotional connection with a large audience and engages them even more. The Club now has universal music that can be used according to the channels and platforms: basketball and handball teams, foundation, Barça Innovation Hub, Barça TV, and Barça Studios.

The ready-to-use elements are available to any partner agency to use in the stadium, during events, for broadcast needs, or for any digital content to support and enrich the Club experience.



Guillem Graell – CMO and brand director
Alessio Sarina – Marketing Director
Diana Roger – Marketing Strategy
Victoria Pardell – Brand Manager


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Officer
Ramon Vives – Managing Director
Grissel Gimeno – Project Manager Asssistant
Vincent Turbé – Creative Director
Alice Lépine – Artistic Director
Alexis Mangou – UX Creative Manager