Sounds in the Metaverse


By Christina Spoljaric Konig

We can certainly discuss what the Metaverse is and what it isn’t, what it is intended to be and what it might become and quote the many articles discussing exactly this, but one conversation that is not happening as robustly as it should is what the Metaverse sounds like.

What does this virtual world sound like? What should it sound like? Is it going to be piercing and jolting like the overly realistic console and online gaming world? Will it be more subtle and abstract? Will we hear the same sounds as we do on TV and radio? Or will it be something unique, bold and mesmerizing

In the Metaverse some people will want their voices to reflect their own, while others will want to express themselves differently from real life. Sound and music influence so much of our daily existence, it seems there is so much opportunity within the Metaverse to explore both and the very nature of how important it is to our lives. It adds meaning and mystery, cues imagination and memory, and creates instant connections to real world experiences.

For brands that are now envisioning their Metaverse world, there should be true consideration behind how they will stand apart with their own soundscape. As with all sonic branding, one of the most important facets to consider in the Metaverse is the consumer audience. Brands should be asking themselves:

  • How will they capture their consumers’ attention through an authentic, curated and truly thoughtful audio identity? 
  • How will that audio embolden and delight, as well as create an aspirational emotional connection? 
  • How will they exist equally across multiple platforms like TV, radio, YouTube and TikTok?
  • How can they tap into voice assistants to better serve consumers?
  • How will they generate conversational engagement with consumers?
  • How will they ensure sound quality?
  • How much monetary investment is needed? And where should those investments go?

We’re still understanding what the Metaverse entails and how it will take shape, but we do know that audio is a critical component. Brands need to begin planning for this and incorporating audio into their strategies so they can stay relevant and be prepared to engage with consumers in the virtual world.

Photo by Sašo Tušar on Unsplash