TD Bank

The sound of a bank listening to you

Creating a sonic identity to strengthen a community


TD Bank wanted to reinforce its reputation as ‘the bank around the corner’ with a unique, consistent sonic identity.

TD Bank, one of the biggest North American banks, needed a sound capable to leave a strong earprint across all its touch points.

Sonic identity

The sonic concept was born of a simple idea: a composition that suggests a stroll through a familiar neighborhood, because TD is a welcoming, community-focused bank.

We wanted to create a positive sonic identity that reflects the brand’s objective: to be a committed bank, ready to go the extra mile for its customers, to help its communities thrive, and to be there for its 90,000+ employees.

At the heart of the sound vocabulary is a seemingly familiar sound, that of a door chime, evocative of the brand’s down-to-earth, welcoming personality. The theme conveys happiness and confidence throughout the composition. Clapping hands, rhythmic beats and laughing voices in the background infuse humanity and hospitality.


TD Bank scored well above the banks and investment brands average on three essential KPIs relating to sound performance:

  • Recall +24%
  • Likability +21%
  • Familiarity +19%

(Source: Veritonic Study on the TD Bank sonic logo led in the US and Canada – May 2022)



Nathan Strawn – Global Brand Manager
Kamini Persaud – Global Brand Manager & Brand Educator
Melissa Azeredo – Marketing Manager



Michaël Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Valentin Fleur – Managing Director Canada
Vincent Turbé – Group Creative Director
Alice Lépine – Artistic Director