Fresh, Modern and Iconic

A "Flavourful" Sonic Identity


Very specific to the brand, their consumers seemed to think the product name was “Ice” instead of “Sparkling Ice”. In a sea of heavy competition, this didn’t contribute to strong
differentiation, awareness or impact. Closely related, without the understanding of “sparkling”, the brand lost communication of
their bubbly, effervescent personality. Recent innovations and consumer trends have produced new product lines, even more
extensive than those available with competitors, but the brand was still seen as one thing, missing new and changing consumer targets, and losing out to competition.

Sonic identity

Sixième Son needed to create a Sonic identity that reflects Sparkling Ice’s core values mixing: a bright and cheery female voice, a breezy acoustic guitar, rhythms reminiscent of steel drums and a sunny, tropical mood, natural percussive hand snaps and claps and sounds of carbonation fizzing as the music fades out. The Sonic Logo includes all of the core elements of the DNA condensed into 3-4 memorable seconds.


Sparkling Ice now has a coherent and powerful sonic system. The music is consistent with the brand’s values, in line with what the brand stands for.

The Library of Music Beds stems from the Sparkling Ice core Sonic DNA and embodies a range of musical genres and moods – such as Hip-Hop, Reggaeton or Country – that can be paired with a variety of content.




Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Colleen Fahey – Managing Director
Daina Todorovich – Director Client Services USA
Vincent Turbé – Art Director
Alice Lépine, Alexis Mangou, Pierre Moreau, Fabien Feuillet – Designers