Royal Bank of Canada

At RBC we strive to see what others don’t, constantly looking for innovative ways to communicate to our valued clients. By using a sense beyond sight, Sixième Son is helping our brand grow in a meaningful way. A "sonic way". I am proud of the audio territory Sixième Son has developed for us. It truly helps amplify our brand power.

Matt McGlynn, Vice-President Brand Marketing

Propel human ambition

One Brand Promise


Many brands in the Canadian banking sector used a lot of free, low-quality stock music and none at the time had explored sound to establish a distinctive musical universe that would help the brand stand out even more and capture the new RBC brand aspiration and values:  Optimistic game changer, Human ambitions amplifier, In the now and in the future).

Sonic identity

Embody RBC’s aspiration to bring new ideas and new solutions to its customers by composing a sonic identity that is both hopeful and grounded in reality.


The Sonic Logo was implemented with consistency over thousands of branded content from TV,  Radio and Social media ads since 2017.



Matt McGlynn – Vice President Brand Strategy
Georgia Fong – Senior Director Brand Strategy 
Jonathan Rotchtin – Senior Manager Brand Strategy


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Colleen Fahey – Managing  Director
Valentin Fleur – Marketing Director Canada
Julien Goris – Art Director
Marion Combes, Alice Lépine, Hugo Letexier, Pierre Moreau – Designers