A modern sound full of emotion

Sound to reaffirm brand identity


Vaudoise Assurances called on Sixième Son to help them assert their brand identity and become Switzerland’s favorite insurance.

The company wanted to use sound strategically to position itself as a pioneer in its sector. So we created a complete, coherent, tailor-made sound system for all the agency’s contact points.

Sonic identity

La Vaudoise stands out thanks to a sonic identity that plays with the very wise codes of the insurance sector, blending them with voices that add a touch of modernity and give it more emotion.

We also adapted La Vaudoise’s sonic identity to suit their new TV campaign “Vous nous inspirez” (You inspire us), which is also available online. We composed 3 tracks to accompany the 3 themes reflecting the facets of La Vaudoise Assurances’ positioning.

First, a piece with a jazzy, pop sound to symbolize proximity. Next, a composition with independent rock influences to represent solidarity. Finally, a dynamic Pop and Folk tune, to represent La Vaudoise’s flexibility.


Integrated into the launch of the new “You inspire us” TV campaign in January 2023, Vaudoise’s new sonic signature enabled it to emerge more prominently among its competitors and offered it a real boost in brand awareness.

More than 400 La Vaudoise executives became ambassadors of the sound identity with their customers throughout Switzerland, strengthening their sense of belonging to the agency and their bond with customers.

This new sonic identity has enabled La Vaudoise to differentiate itself, creating brand preference and innovation in a sector where sonic clichés are numerous and lacking in systemic logic.




Jean-Daniel Laffely – CEO Groupe Vaudoise Assurances
Dominique Antenen – Agent Principal Vaudoise Assurances
Marine Lintanf – Head of Group Communication
Marc Bertoli – Head of the Corporate Design Center
Lâl Razlikli – Communication Specialist
Jakub Adamkiewicz – Communication Specialist
Véronique Oliveira – Head of Communication




Michaël Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
François Gioux – Head of Agency Development
Vincent Turbé – Group Creative Director
Alice Lépine – Artistic Director
Pierre Moreau – Designer
Alexis Mangou – Designer
Julien Courjaud – Project Manager