Royal Bank of Canada

propel human ambitions

One Brand Promise


Royal Bank of Canada, Canada’s #1 Banking organization, was working on the construction of « One » brand promise to overlook all of its brand assets. 

We designed for them a distinctive sonic universe that captured the new RBC brand aspiration. 

This was RBC’s first ever audio territory built around 3 core values:

Optimistic game changer in the category 

A leader amplifying human ambitions

A bank supporting its clients in the now and in the future

Sonic identity

The sonic identity conveys the idea of a bank grounded in reality but also capable of offering new opportunities for its clients. 

The Sonic DNA starts with the sense of time passing, signifying the brand’s enduring commitment to clients and communities. Named “Echoing forward” the DNA soon evolves into a more active and energetic universe to embody a positive and human experience. Set in the now, the grounded (drum) elements merge with the airy piano notes, leading to the expression of a bright future. 

From a tactical point of view, we created a shorter version of the audio logo (1,5 sec.) to endorse content right from the top on all Social Media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram).


An audio logo and sting deployed across all content and expertise. 

Since June 2019, it’s in 100+ videos scored using the sonic elements, from personal banking to wealth management generating more than 3 millions views. 



Matt McGlynn – Vice President Brand Strategy
Georgia Fong – Senior Director Brand Strategy 
Jonathan Rotchtin – Senior Manager Brand Strategy


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Valentin Fleur – Marketing Director Canada
Julien Goris – Art Director
Marion Combes, Alice Lépine, Hugo Letexier, Pierre Moreau – Designers