We guide companies through the design of their sonic brands and the development of their musical ecosystems. Our goal is to create more competitive brands through the strategic use of sound.

To do this, we focus on designing sonic branding that helps a brand stand out and be clearly differentiated.

Since our launch in 1995, Sixième Son has designed tailored-made sonic identities for over 400 large and small brands in nearly every category of business around the world.

With a singular focus on sonic branding, rather than music for movies, entertainers or theater, we help brands ensure their musical effectiveness – as measured by their ability to capture attention, foster recognition, gain attribution, drive recall and leave a brand impression that fits the attributes of the brand.

We’re also intent on creating the right experiences for customers and internal audiences by using branded music and voice in ways that support their needs.  For instance, calming for airports, anticipatory for meetings, guiding emotions in TV commercials and adding interest and variety in on-hold situations.

Today, as more brands build Alexa and Google Assistant skills, companies are looking for distinct and recognizable brand voices, too. Using a process that includes competitive analysis, exploration of archetypes and sonic moodboards, we help brands land on the voice that distinguishes their content from that of Amazon’s, Google’s or a competitor’s.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) signals have also become important ways to connect with a brand. Some companies seem comfortable with the generic beeps that come standard from their chips providers, but others do want to communicate their unique performance or quality or ease or innovation. To do that, they need a branding approach to sound.

From sonic logos to huge universes of sound, Sixème Son designs sonic branding systems that strengthen your brand at every audio touchpoint.

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