In a sector that already has competitive sonic identities, our audio branding strategy has become an essential differentiator in our communication.

Philippe Thobie, Marketing Communication and Brand Director

100% human elements

World leader in grocery retail for all


For decades, Carrefour’s audio branding consisted of using top 40 hits to represent their brand. In 2017, to gain in pertinence and efficiency, the leading retailer in Europe asked Sixième Son to conceptualize, create, and execute a tailor-made audio branding strategy. Sixième Son works in line with the brand’s ambitions to be the world leader in grocery retail for all.

Sonic identity

The Carrefour sonic identity is enthusiastic and impactful, by creating brand differentiation. The audio logo allows for immediate recognition and highlights the brand’s key strengths. Optimistic, modern, and unique, the audio logo is composed of 100% human elements.

The sonic identity created integrates the brand’s musical personality and is easily remembered. Within the highly competitive food retail sector, where each company already has their own audio logo, Carrefour differentiates themselves through audio branding in a way that perfectly reflects their strong brand identity.


In 2019, Sixième Son is able to capitalize on their sonic strengths and create a sonic ecosystem even more festive across all touchpoints: TV, radio, digital, events, and on-hold music.

A sonic library, composed of 4 sonic ecosystems created for all digital touchpoints with sonic branded elements incorporated.

Carrefour is the second largest distribution retailer and the most recognized because of their unique and impactful sonic identity. They were able to turn their sonic identity into a brand attribute due to the success.



Philippe Thobie – former Marketing Director


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Marie-Claire Chevalier – Project Director
Vincent TurbéArt Director
Eric Caissy – Senior Designer & Chief Orchestrator