6 Sonic Touchpoints Today’s Clients Want Most


by Colleen Fahey

Everybody’s looking for a sonic logo these days, but what else are clients asking for?

I polled our U.S., Canadian, French and Spanish teams this week to find out what’s on client sonic wish lists these days. Some touchpoints have risen in interest, while a once-popular one has dropped out – understandably – because it’s the branded meetings-and-events kit. And who needs walk-in music for a Zoom meeting?

Here’s what today’s clients want most:

  1. For social and digital channels, marketers are looking for branded music libraries that interpret their Sonic DNA in different moods and genres with loopable music pieces of various lengths, usually :30s, :15s and :6s.
  2. Because every kind of radio is on the rise, Radio Kits with branded sonic intros, outros, beds and transitions are high on the menu.
  3. Then there are Custom scores for TV commercials using their sonic branding as a base (we just created a Marching Band version of a client’s Sonic DNA for a Super Bowl-related spot. Today, we heard it was a “massive success”– go team!).
  4. On-hold music for customer service lines. This one’s actually the top client request in Paris. While it’s not on top in the US and Canada, almost all of our financial services clients are eager to replace what they currently have.
  5. Anthemic brand videos for launches, fan activations, dealer presentations, and annual meetings.
  6. And the new kid on the block, Podcast Kits, are needed to help listeners recognize the content and quickly identify it with the correct brand.

This past year didn’t bring as many requests for sonic alerts and signals, maybe there were supply chain problems in producing new devices?  We also weren’t asked to do as much in the area of helping clients strategize and cast spoken voices to represent their brands. As for automotive sounds, we  have to get used to waiting while they go through the long process of being installed, inspected and tested before their release into the wild.

Happy twenty twenty tune!

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash