The AA

The "swagger"

A catchy sonic identity


In 2023, The AA launched a new brand platform. Four main challenges were to be tackled:

  • Go beyond the brand’s ”roadside assistance”, and highlight the other services provided
  • Appeal to all generations and add swagger to the brand’s image
  • Give confidence to drivers through sound
  • Convey the yellow of the brand’s visual identity

Sonic identity

Sixième Son successfully translated the swaggerness of the brand by creating a catchy, funky, joyful and confident music universe.

With the help of major scale notes, drums, a funky bass and a recurrent motif of siren sounds, the overall track successfully manages to leave a strong earprint.


The AA deployed the sonic identity throughout multiple touchpoints:

  • A smoother version of the sonic logo with an organic transition made with human claps to increase readability of The AA’s campaign.
  • Two holdline versions, with one calmer version for emergency calls only.
  • A digital kit which includes six themes to support a variety of content on different digital platforms.



Will HARRISON – Group Marketing Director at The AA
Ria PURSER – Senior Marketing Manager at The AA
Nikita MARLOW – Brand Marketing Manager at the AA



Michaël BOUMENDIL – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent COCHINI – Managing Director
Anthony VANGER – Managing Director UK
Eva van WOERKOM – International Client Director
Emma HAMEAU – International Project Manager
Vincent TURBÉ – Group Creative Director
Alice LÉPINE – Artistic Director
Marion COMBES – Chief Creative Strategist