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When you use color, human voices, natural sound, that brings more authenticity and emotion into the product and that’s what audiences want these days

Meredith Conte, Vice President Marketing

Bringing character to a "soulless" category

A non-traditional musical approach


As news-watching moved from TVs to handsets, Tegna, realized it needed to simplify and enliven its graphics. The Tegna sonic identity did just that!

But the traditional news music with its big orchestras, trumpets and trombones, no longer fit the crisp new graphics.

The music needed to move into fresher, cleaner and more contemporary territory.

Sonic identity

A bright new audio universe was created for signals, opens, alerts, transitions, beds, bump-ins and bump-outs.

The Tegna sonic identity  captures the brand: community-oriented, clean, curated, focused, audience-centric and forward-looking. It stands out as cleaner and less emotionally manipulative than the typical trumpets and trombones of news music.


The new graphics and music have rolled out across Tegna stations all around the country and, later, a follow-on set was created to give the stations more options to choose from.

The Director of Marketing, Meredith Conte says, “We went non-traditional with the music. It’s a street sound that includes the sound of human instruments, such as clapping, stomping or human voices”.

As one of our marketing directors said,‘it puts a lot of soul into a soulless category.’ It reflects the humanity of our journalists and the stories we tell.”



Meredith Conte – Vice President Marketing


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Colleen Fahey – Managing Director
Daina Todorovic – Director Client Services
Julien Goris, Vincent Turbé – Artistic Directors
Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin, Hugo Letexier, Romain Debrie, Pierre Moreau – Designers