The sonic identity is another dimension of our corporate brand ecosystem. A unique sound to reflect who we are – a modern company with rich history and great people, always looking for innovative solutions for patients.

Josep Catllà

A sonic identity to "connect the dots"

An ode to science


In 2022, Sanofi unified the company under one visual identity and a new corporate brand. The brand redefined their purpose into “pursue the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.”

The “dot”, symbolic of a cell, is at the heart of the graphic system.
The challenge of the sonic identity was to express this idea of “connecting the dots” and the rigor, complexity and inventiveness of scientific research, while staying simple and human-oriented.

Sonic identity

“Miracle Dots”, the Sanofi sonic identity is a tightrope walk between simplicity and complexity.

The team took inspiration from Chopin’s Études, combining musical substance and technical challenge to form a complete and unique artistic work. The creatives also explored the inner workings of our brains: the left hemisphere – home of logic, rigor, language… – and the right hemisphere – the realm of creativity, imagination, emotion, and empathy.
The Sixième Son team skillfully harnessed these capacities, intertwining piano bars in a composition where the left and right hands respond to each other in a mix of syncopation and musical codes.

Miracle Dots is a sonic identity that embodies the delicate balance between research and inventiveness.


The sonic branding is an ode to science, expressing the Sanofi brand personality, less formal, more human, and more accessible, curious, direct, and courageous. It supports the brand’s messages at all communication touchpoints: events, digital content, podcasts and customer service lines.

The music is elegant, innovative, welcoming, bold, humble, inclusive, and human. It expresses the miracle of science and the ability to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s society, constantly questioning itself with humility and putting humanity in everything they do.

“Miracle Dots” won Gold in the Audio Branding category at the “Grand Prix Stratégies du Design” in 2023.



Josep Catlla – Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and CSR
Claire MacDonald – Directive creator
Bruno Tourne  – Head of Corporate Communications


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Vincent Turbé – Group Creative Director
Rose Bernard – Project Manager
Alice Lépine, Marion Combes – Design Musical