Royal Air Maroc

The brand music designed by Sixième Son is a perfect translation of our values and positioning. It also strengthens our communication system, adding a unique and coherent aspect. Royal Air Maroc is changing, modernizing and is becoming more ambitious as a brand. The audio identity embodies this change.

W. Ghiati Alami, VP Marketing & Communication

Majestic, Moroccan, Magical and Modern

motherly warmth


Royal Air Maroc set out to redefine the brand territory, modernize its expression and convey the following five key brand values: Moroccan, Majestic, Magic, Motherly, Modern. The Royal Air Maroc sonic identity is able to infuse all of those five elements. 

Sonic identity

As the Moroccan culture and influence was at the top of the five key values, Sixième Son worked closely with a traditional Oud player in order the capture the authenticity of the composition.

Other elements, such as the chimes and the female voice, helped bring forward a magical and motherly warmth that the brand aimed to express.


The strategy built around the audio branding system has provided incredible clarity and coherence for the brand. The audio tool-kit has also simplified decision making for the brand and marketing teams, providing immediate branding solutions without extra expense or lost time.

– Airport overhead announcement

– Event music: background, opening, enter/exit stage

– Customer service on-hold music




Waffa Ghiati Alami – VP Marketing et Communication


Michael BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Julien Goris, Vincent TurbéArt Directors
Eric Caissy, Ianis Mauraisin, Hugo Letexier, Romain Debrie, Marion Combes, Pierre Moreau – Designers