Building towards a sustainable future

Passion for progress


As part of a full rebranding initiative, Petronas needed a distinctive audio identity that underscores their commitment to being a progressive energy and solutions partner for a sustainable future.

As leaders in the sector, the challenge is to break free from old ideas that Petronas deals exclusively in oil and gas and change perceptions so that people understand it as innovative, progressive and sustainable in energy solutions.

Sonic identity

Working closely with their branding agency, Dragon Rouge, Sixième Son composed a piece of music that expresses their new brand platform “Passionate about Progress”.

  • It expresses progress; enriching a sustainable future, through modern textures and instrumentation.
  • It conveys passion through the uplifting and positive melody and harmonies.
  • It nurtures partnerships with a universal feeling of support; inviting collaboration.
  • It captures the importance of the visual molecule by further illustrating its animation through sonic illustration of the animated movement.
  • It seamlessly integrates a traditional Malaysian flute – the Ney – as a reminder of the brand cultural roots.


The brand launched its sonic identity internally with a completely rebranded manifesto film. The feedback was so positive that stakeholders requested a full song version to be produced and released in 2021.

In addition, Petronas agencies can work with brand music beds, a digital sonic kit and a sonic endframe for any audio-visual content and even events.

The new brand is clearly more modern and emotionally charged through the audio identity, achieving the objectives of refreshing the overall brand, expressing passion and progress, and increasing relevance.

Moreover, it aligns with the the PETRONAS ambitions, performs better in digital channels and multisensory environments and stands out among global competitors.



Betheli Wong – Corporate and Digital Branding
Zayn Khan – CEO Southeast Asia


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Ella Duda – Marketing Director Canada
Vincent Turbé – Art Director
Alice Lépine – Designer