Paris Philharmonic

This sonic identity is dynamic yet modern and gives the brand personality and differentiation.

Hugues de Saint Simon, Secretary General

A timeless melody for a unique cultural space

Lively as a flock of birds


The Paris Philharmonic (Philharmonie de Paris) is a cultural center, a one-of-a-kind as an institution that brings music awareness and learning to a diverse public. The Paris Philharmonic sonic identity captured that musical essence. 

To be seen as a unique attribute to the cultural education of so many, the center desired to incorporate a sonic identity into their internal and external communications. As there are many well-established cultural centers and museums around Paris, the challenge was to make this relatively new home to the arts a stand-out player.

Sonic identity

The sonic identity alludes to the experience in the physical space that is typical to a classical music concert: one can distinctly hear the orchestra tuning, a sound that precedes all concerts, and the burst of applause that follows the performance’s end.

Finally, unique to the Paris Philharmonic, the sonic logo ends with the sound of applause morphing into the fluttering wings of birds – a reference to the building’s one-of-a-kind where shaped to mimic birds in flight.


The sonic identity has been adapted to digital content as well as the experience inside the center. Adaptations include the hall announcement signal, customer service on-hold music and their main brand film.



Hugues de Saint Simon – Secretary General
Alice Chamblas – International Development Manager


Michael BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Julien Goris, Vincent TurbéArt Directors
Eric Caissy, Ianis Mauraisin, Marion Combes – Designers