OGC Nice

The result is wonderful. This melody is iconic and suits us well. I am pleased that Gym is the first Ligue 1 club to have such a complete and successful sonic territory

Virginie Rossetti, Communication & Brand Director

Federate, celebrate, radiate

Issa Nissa!


One of the oldest and most iconic clubs in French football, the Olympic Gymnastics Club (OGC) of Nice, sought to strengthen its allegiance, brand coherence and voice.

  • As it is such an iconic club, the main challenges were to convey, through sound, the most important visual aspect – red and black team colors
  • to reflect its strength, singularity, power and fighting spirit
  • to build recognition, differentiation and loyalty for the club.

Sonic identity

OGC Nice and Sixième Son designed a sonic identity that emphasizes notions of strength and competition.

These are clearly expressed through a striking rhythm and electrifying guitar. At the same time, the sound of group clapping ties back to the fan spirit of a football game and the feeling of unity in team spirit.


Each adaptation of the sonic identity honors the OGC Nice family, their roots and their name as well as helps to pass on its history and traditions.

The music in the film reflects this strong sense of unity and belonging; a close-knit family that shares good and bad times. This evolves into a galvanizing rise in power, punctuated by musical variations, which eventually arrives at an explosive and liberating finale, full of electrifying and saturated sounds.

Further key adaptations include stadium touchpoints, from pre-match highlights to goal celebrations that maintain a sonic link to the brand film and sonic identity.




Virginie Rossetti – Communication and Brand Director
Nicolas Bernard – Communication & Brand Deputy Director


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Marie-Claire Chevalier – Project Director
Julien Goris – Art Director
Alexis Mangou, Alice Lépine, Ianis Mauraisin, Eric Caissy – Designers