Sixieme Son has helped us expressing our brand values in a more emotional way through the universal language of music. Sixieme Son has perfectly integrated as part of our team, understanding and assimilating to our needs, in a collaborative effort in which all areas of the company involved and managers from different countries have participated. Now our brand has more value and sounds in a differential way to express more easily our new purpose."

Fernando Garrido Tomé, Director of Image and Reputation MAPFRE




MAPFRE wanted to redefine what it means to have new, exciting opportunities

Sound quickly emerged as a key asset for the brand. With its new music, MAPRE has found a musical language that conveys its values to its 31.5 million policyholders as well as the wider public.

The sound strategy anchors MAPFRE in a new reality: a reliable and innovative brand that helps people and institutions move forward with peace of mind while contributing to the development of a more sustainable and thoughtful society.

Sonic identity

The sonic identity is based on the idea of proximity and the optimism of a brand on the move.

Slow but enthusiastic rhythms reflect optimism in the face of challenges. The instrumental profundity of the piece, incorporates melody, vocals and piano with warm textures that convey support and a sense of teamwork.

As a whole, it reflects the optimism of a brand that accompanies its customers through the key stages of their lives.


The sonic identity and its adaptations have been fully integrated into the brand’s strategy, helping MAPFRE to be more emotional, empathetic and close.

The sonic identity has already been deployed  in on-hold music, conventions, general and digital meetings. It was also adapted for the global announcement video of MAPFRE’s new purpose, adapted to the company’s three official languages

The audio logo is also displayed in all of MAPFRE’s TV and digital advertisements.

The event kit was first used at the 2022 General Shareholders’ Meeting.




Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Ramon Vives – Managing Director
Grissel Gimeno – Project Manager
Vincent Turbé – Senior Art Director
Marion Combes, Alice Lépine  Designers