M1 Limited

Here comes the sun

A multicultural sonic identity


M1, one of the leading telecommunications provider in Singapore, wanted to develop a sonic identity that not only brings to life their brand values, and their Made-to-Measure brand promise across their touchpoints, but also emotionally connects with their audience.

Sonic identity

The sun has always been important to the brand–it is part of their visual identity and their brand values (Be Sunshine).

With the brand’s vision and values being pillars, the sonic identity is a sunny melody that features bright, organic sounds of the ukulele and guitar to add warmth and authenticity, soothing vocals to add a human touch-hand feeling of reassurance, and the upbeat percussions add vibrancy and an overall feel-good energy.


M1’s sonic identity can be heard across their Social/Digital content, TVCs, Call Center, Corporate Events, App and more. A special ringtone adaptation was also created for their employees.

To celebrate the brand’s Singaporean roots, M1 developed a culturally-enriched version featuring a harmonious blend of ethnic instruments representing Singapore’s multicultural diversity.



Mustafa KAPASI – Chief Operating Officer
Souvik BASU – Marketing Director
Mae PANG – Senior Manager, Brand & Marketing Communications
Meg BADILLA – Head, Brand and Digital Marketing
Cammie NEO – Brand & Marketing Communications Manager



Michaël BOUMENDIL – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent COCHINI – Managing Director
Florent ADAM – Managing Director, APAC
Yvonne CHEONG – Account Manager, APAC
Vincent TURBÉ – Creative Director