Krug – Champagnes

At Krug, we would like to invite people to discover our Champagnes differently. We wish to take tasting to another dimension, the dimension of sound, where music plays a key role

Maggie Henriquez, President & CEO

Reinforcing emotional links

From land to flute


Krug understands that the flavors we taste are enhanced by the sounds we hear. Their aim was to translate taste sensations into the Krug sonic identity.

Krug needed a sonic logo so that local markets sound coherent across all touchpoints. They recognized that their sound would be as important as their dark cherry color, their signature brand colors, the aroma profile of their champagnes, and even their elegant visual logo. They aspired to reinforce their emotional connection with Krug Lovers from around the world.

Sonic identity

Sixième Son developed a unique creative concept for Krug: Passion and the luxury of time

The musical piece is inspired by the grape’s slow journey from the earth to the glass. It expresses the luxury of time through the different stages of viticulture from the earth to harvest, then to blending, and, finally, to the ready-to-experience creation heard in a tinkling sound suggesting a crystal champagne flute.

The sound creates a memorable sensory experience that could only come to life at the House of Krug: a collective creation, thanks to the collaborative efforts among the winemakers, musicians and sound experts.


The sonic identity has been adapted to films, digital platforms, podcasts and was also curated for events that nourish the unique character and exclusivity of the Krug experience for the House of Krug in France’s Champagne Region.

– Audio sounds and signals to support podcast episodes

– Creation of a full sonic territory for the Pepper Single Ingredient (adapted from the sonic identity)

– Custom music score for a variety of films (Single Ingredient, Krug Encounters all over the world …)



Manon Le Nestour – International Marketing & Communication Project Manager
Alécia Pallier – International Brand Manager


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Anne-Sophie Moretti – International Project Director
Julien Goris, Vincent TurbéArt Directors
Alexis Mangou, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin – Designers