Exploring the interplay between music and shopping behaviours is very meaningful in relation to our brand purpose of helping Canadians get more out of life by being in control of their money."

Matt Houghton, Director of digital and integrated marketing

Sound for brand identity and on the field

The right sound to spend... Less


Interac gives Canadian users everyday control of their money so they can do more out their lives. Though Interac services make up part of Canadians’ daily routines, people aren’t often aware of how the company simplifies their lives.

Sonic identity

A tailor-made sonic ID helped the brand celebrate its service’s ease and become a top-of-mind brand associated with payment, electronic transfers and digital banking solutions in Canada


The new sonic ecosystem though launched already impacted brand’s image.

When asked, Canadians agree that the Sonic Logo makes the brand sound more

  • Innovative (82%)
  • Confident (74%)
  • Approachable (65%)
  • Smart (62%)



Andrea Danovitch – AVP, Marketing and Brand
Daria Hill – Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Matt Houghton  – Director of Digital and Integrated Marketing
Murtaza Mankani – Director, Brand
Meghan Jeffery – Senior Marketing Manager
Musaddique Rahman  – Marketing Coordinator
Sandra DeCarvalho  – Senior Manager Corporate Communications


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Valentin Fleur – Managing Director Canada
Vincent Turbé – Group Creative Director
Alice Lépine – Artistic Director
Eva Van Woerkom – International Client Director
Emma Hameau – International Project Manager