Exploring the interplay between music and shopping behaviours is very meaningful in relation to our brand purpose of helping Canadians get more out of life by being in control of their money."

Matt Houghton, Director of digital and integrated marketing

Sound for brand identity and on the field

The right sound to spend... Less


Interac gave us a double challenge: creating a solid sonic branding ecosystem and composing ‘The Sound Shopping‘, a track that embodies the brand’s mission.

The sonic branding challenge. 

Interac wanted to create an emotional connection to a brand that everyone knows, but users can’t easily grasp how important it is in their daily lives. The brand needed to clarify and amplify its expression. It wanted to express its ability to innovate, simplify everyday life and provide peace of mind in situations regarding payment, ID experiences and open banking.

‘The Sound Shopping’ mission.

After developing a complete sonic system for its brand, Interac decided to take sonic branding to the next level. That’s how the brand gave us the mission to create ‘The Sound Shopping’, a track to help Canadians spend their money more mindfully.

Sonic identity

Interac sonic identity embodies the Interac tagline: InLife.

The rhythms and crescendo convey optimism and excitement, and it ends with a catchy sound logo that grabs attention with its intro and is an effective cue to break through a crowded advertising space and global noise.

With very few but recognizable notes, it conveys the brand’s great agility in connecting people and expresses the idea of a brand that’s innovative yet approachable.

‘The Sound Shopping’ explores the emotional and behavioral influence of music on consumer choices.

The creation process was a three-step process, starting with six months of in-depth research into the impact of sound on purchase decisions.

Then we designed a roadmap of the musical levers that enable a thoughtful shopping experience. Finally, the project concluded with a comprehensive analysis comparing creative in-store music to commercial tracks.


Interac sonic identity is fresh, upbeat, positive, timeless and brings up that sense of closeness to the customer.

Interac now sounds like an innovative and agile brand, capable of bringing simple solutions to its users – a sonic strategy that is helping Canadians adopt Interac’s digital payment solutions.

The versatile sonic identity includes stings for digital content, a bed for the Spring Campaign (TV and Spotify), and an event kit with an opening track and background music, ensuring flexibility and consistency across all touchpoints.

‘Sound Shopping’ is now part of Interac sonic ecosystem.

It provides an exciting boost to the brand’s overall memorability. The results showed that shoppers who listened to the ‘Sound Shopping’ track reported feeling calm and satisfied with their purchases when listening.
* Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies




Andrea Danovitch – AVP, Marketing and Brand
Daria Hill – Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Matt Houghton  – Director of Digital and Integrated Marketing
Murtaza Mankani – Director, Brand
Meghan Jeffery – Senior Marketing Manager
Musaddique Rahman  – Marketing Coordinator
Sandra DeCarvalho  – Senior Manager Corporate Communications


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