The Huggies audio brand developed by Sixième Son brings an immediate smile to everyone who hears it! 

Angela Johnson, Global Managing Director

Sonic identity for brand power

Immediate Smiles


Huggies is a global brand in need of flexible branding tools that infuse consistency into diverse global messages.

The brand was being repositioned from “the joy of parenting” to the more emotional, “bond between mother and child.”

The product line focused on parents of both newborns and toddlers, two very different target audiences. Part of the challenge was to understand how the sonic identity could speak to the needs of both.


Sonic identity

Inspired by the idea of the secure bond between mother and child, the Huggies sonic identity captures their evolving interaction.

It reflects the duality of the brand; a softer “cocoon-like” quality for newborns and an active quality for toddlers.

The sonic identity is very flexible. The inclusion of humming and giggling is often dependent on target audience and film content – allowing for a range of warm, slow, tender adaptations as well as quick, fun and playful spots.


The flexibility is well illustrated across the brand’s video content. Active Baby commercials have more energy, more baby giggles/voices and capture the active toddler feel. Whereas Newborn commercials communicate ample warmth, tenderness and care.

The Huggies sonic identity is rich and adaptable, making it possible to create unique, branded music that can support the most intimate of stories as well as those aiming to be more disruptive.  (Gold Transform Award)



Michael BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Director
Colleen FaheyManaging Director
Anne-Sophie Moretti – International Project Director
Julien Goris, Vincent TurbéArt Directors
Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin, Hugo Letexier, Romain Debrie, Pierre MoreauDesigners