Etihad’s brand promise is to bring the world to Abu Dhabi. Inspired by the UAE capital, the launch of our sonic identity is an expression, not just of our home, but of our culture. It is an eclectic mix of Emirati and international instrumentation and arrangements, played by musicians from the UAE and around the world. Etihad guests will hear dozens of bespoke music tracks which have been built from the same sonic DNA when on board our aircraft, in our lounges, at events, when calling the contact centre, on the radio or when watching our videos

Amina Taher, Vice President Brand, Marketing & Sponsorships

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From the world to Abu Dhabi


In 2019, Etihad decided to enrich its brand platform and the customer experience it delivers across all touchpoints with a sonic identity. The challenge was to design a unique piece of music conveying Etihad’s Emirati roots while also welcoming the rest of the world, to convey the brand’s promise « From Abu Dhabi to the world ».

Sonic identity

The music is inspired by the traditional al Sadu weaving method – an emblematic Emirati craft of skill and creativity. By layering multiple traditional instruments with organic and electronic textures the music suggests innovation, openness to the world and commitment to a better future.

Etihad’s sonic identity is used to set high standards and offer high-quality experiences whatever the class you travel in.


Etihad successfully implemented the sonic on all relevant airline touch points. Boarding and landing music according to destination and time, hold line, radio, digital and brand film

With increasing digital needs, Etihad decided to create over 50 adaptations: to celebrate destinations (India, Morocco), partnerships (F1, Manchester City), corporate highlights 5 (opening of new Terminal), national highlights (Eid, Ramadan).




Amina Taher – Vice President Brand, Marketing & Sponsorships
Ansar Babu – Marketing Management | Campaign Development | Digital Marketing | Marketing and Sales Strategy | Brand Management
Aishwarya Nambiar – Brand Strategy | Brand Management | Global Marketing | Digital Media
Simon Kamsky – Senior Marketing Manager Europe & North America
Aishwarya Nambiar – Brand Strategy | Brand Management | Global Marketing | Digital Media


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Anne-Sophie Moretti | Ella Duda – International Project Director
Julien Goris | Vincent Turbé – Art Directors
Marion Combes, Alice Lépine, Alexis Mangou, Pierre Moreau, Ianis Mauraisin, Eric Caissy – Designers
Valentin Fleur – Head of Strategy / Managing Director Canada