Engie, a key player in the energy transition

Engie Sonic Identity


Engie, a key player in the energy transition, has decided to embody reality and action in a sector where sound can sometimes be grandiloquent and candid, or cold and distant.

Sonic identity

Two main axes of musical inspiration guided the creation.

The strong claim “J’agis avec Engie” (“I’m taking action with Engie”), reflected in the chorus and the idea of collective responsibility it embodies, as well as in the engaging tone of the melody.

The acceleration of the energy transition, reflected in the crescendo of the rhythm, the forward momentum and the various sound ingredients: organic, human, electric and wind.


Engie makes sound a strategic issue at all points of contact, enabling the brand to adapt the tone of its speeches, the content of its messages, and the format of the sound so that its quality is optimal. A holistic, impactful and memorable whole, with sound adapted everywhere, to all targets and on all media.



Claire Gerbaud Ndomba – Directrice Marketing, Data et Communication
Sandrine George – Directrice Déléguée Communication Commerciale BtoC
Catherine Orban – Responsable communication – Marque et identité visuelle
Nelly Lenain – Chargée de communication


Michaël Boumendil – Président et directeur de la création
Laurent Cochini – Directeur général
Vincent Turbé – Directeur de la création du groupe
Alice Lépine – Directrice artistique
Pierre Moreau – Designer Senior & Chief Orchestrator
Winona Pitton – Cheffe de projet