youthful, engaging & vibrant

sense of simplicity


The consumer health product category is extremely competitive with a multitude of touchpoints to manage, in order to communicate with target audiences.

The Smile brands, Signal and Pepsodent, approached Sixième Son to develop a sonic identity system and strategy that would reinvent the use of audio as a brand asset and to have a brand tool that would improve global coherence and integration.

Sonic identity

The Smile Brands sonic identity is an expression of youth, positivity and warmth and equally engaging and vibrant.

Children’s voices are the main elements of the sonic logo. As the brand is seen as a family household staple, it was important to nod to the people who matter most. The brand team also wanted to convey a sense of simplicity, which is represented by the few instruments and easy rhythm.



With the success of the sonic logo, the brand team decided to develop segmented versions to help communicate to different targets – families and health professionals.

Two alternative versions of the sonic identity were designed:

1) Family: the addition of adult voices to help convey family togetherness and added the feeling of diversity in ages.

2) Health professional: removing voices and modifying instrumentation gave it a more scientific sound for content that speaks to the products’ specific health benefits.



Michael BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Yassin Diouri – Project Director & New Business
Julien Goris, Vincent TurbéArt Directors
Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Ianis Mauraisin, Hugo Letexier, Romain Debrie, Pierre MoreauDesigners