At the age of 19, Michael Boumendil conceived of a new form of communication for brands.

That’s how it all started.

I was pretty young when I first started playing music. And, I was about 11 when I began to compose. At 19, I began to think there was a need to create audio logos and I was convinced they would have the same impact as visual logos do. Given that music is such a powerful language, it didn’t make sense to me that brands weren’t using this emotional tool in their communications efforts.

It became clear to me that the branding world would need to evolve to become more musical. Today, I’m glad to see that the germ of an idea that came alive through Sixième Son has demonstrated that it has power to connect and communicate everywhere in the world.

Music and Brands

The beginning of the Sixième Son adventure was complex and promising. It took about four years to refine the concept and polish the tool that would amplify brands influence. To tell the story of a brand in music you have to be a musician. But that’s not enough. It’s also essential, to translate the brand into music that is not only fitting but also effective.

And finally, that translation needs to be differentiating, attractive and create preference. That is why, the Sixième Son team is composed of experienced and mutually respectful men and women who come together to create and manage sound identities and the brands’ musical strategies.

In fewer than three years, nearly a dozen awards lent support to the agency’s vision.

I hired my first associate in 1998 to work with our first client; MATIF. However, we really took off, with Alstom, a transportation leader. They were the first multinational to entrust us with their brands and highlight our expertise.

A few years later, Samsung, a leader in telecommunications, brought us our first international project with the assignment to create their iconic sound identity.”

In 2007, Sixieme Son created an audio strategy for Samsung and a musical identity for its cellphones. Based in South Korea, Samsung became the agency’s first non-European project.

“For Samsung we suggested that we shift from a chatty brand to a minimalist brand with silence as the centerpiece. In this audio identity, the sounds contain a controlled beat and portrays the luxury of telecommunications. With Samsung, we shaped the silence to turn it into a presence.”

A few years later, Michael Boumendil joined the tight circle of creators whose music plays in the most broadcasts in France.

“Sixieme Son puts its own unconventional touch on its creations. The unexpected touch that will lure the ear and help memorization.”

Michael Boumendil, 46, married, 5 children.

1993 Graduates from EDHEC Business school with a Masters in Marketing Communications.

1995 Creation of Sixième Son and the concept of brand audio identities.

2005 Elected “Graduate of the Year” among 13,000 peers.

2015 Celebrates the 300th audio creation of the agency.

2017 Writes and publishes “Design Sonore et Stratégie Musicale pour les Marques” (Eyrolles).

2017 Moves to US. Opens the New York office to expand Sixième Son’s North American footprint.

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What’s in your future?

With clients around the world, Sixième Son is now a global audio branding agency. Brands understand the importance in owning a musical strategy and realize they can communicate their values through sounds and music.

“From the creation of the audio DNA and musical territory to many creative approaches to musical activation, we have proven we can take brands far. But, we still have new horizons to explore and conquer. We’d like to take our brands further yet.”

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