Dacia is an accessible brand that offers its clients the essentials of automobiles. We wished to add to this interesting positioning through the introduction of an emotional dimension, based on humanness and connexion to nature. The sonic identity embodies this new universe in an authentic and innovative way.

Andreea Culcea, Strategic Brand Manager Dacia

Robust, charming and minimal

A musical walk off the beaten path


In 2017, Sixième Son created Dacia’s first Sonic Identity. It functioned well, obtaining a strong reconnaissance but weak attribution.

In early 2021, they contacted us again to discuss the sonic imprint of the brand, which needed to be remodeled after a complete visual and thematic shift. Stemming from a strong will to fully embody the brand’s values—outdoor oriented, robust, smartly designed and focused on fundamental characteristics—delivering a new, well-fitting sonic identity and logo had become crucial for the brand.

Sonic identity

Robust: Dacia and its sonic identity stand out thanks to the robust character of the brand. Mixing drums, basses and electronic sounds together evoke a strong personality of reliability and self-confidence.

Seductive: Following its legacy, the manufacturer shapeshifts with style. From lone travelers to families, everyone can connect with their creations. The new vehicles adapt to all lifestyles in style; a blessing we made sonic.

Responsible: Dacia is an engaged brand. The modernity of the music also demonstrates the adaptability of the brand to current challenges, evoking trust, comfort and serenity. Dacia demonstrates its reach, down-to-earth nature and ability to respond to today’s needs, both in its own industry and in communication.


Launched October 2021, the Sonic strategy is deployed at every touchpoint: TV, radio, digital, during international fairs and events, as well as in the vehicles themselves.

Moreover, the strategy was quickly adopted by the teams in each step of the hierarchic ladder. When we presented this new brand identity to the director of Dacia, after accepting the project, he jokingly proposed having a ringtone for his employees. Taking his query seriously, we composed a ringtone for him, which he used to demonstrate the quality of the chosen project to his teams. The engagement was very quick.

The sonic identity reinforced the brand’s perception as dynamic (77%), modern (80%), innovative (82%) and bold (80%). (Study conducted by Harris Interactive 2021*)



Andreea CULCEA – Strategic Brand Manager, Dacia


Michaël BOUMENDIL – President & Creative Director
Laurent COCHINI – Managing Director
Delphine GUERIN – Key Account Director
Vincent TURBE – Senior Art Director
Marion COMBES, Alexis MANGOU, Pierre MOREAU – Musical Design