« Art and culture are an integral part of our corporate culture. We needed a unique and radical piece to adapt to all our challenges. »

Simon Zaks, Director of Communication

Sixième Son elevates the Carmignac premium dimension

A Powerful and Orchestral Sonic Identity


Carmignac asked Sixième Son to create a unique sound that would echo its expertise as well as its commitment to delivering the highest standards to its clients, highlighting its promise: “Investing in your interest”.

The objective of the brand was to stand out from the competition by expressing musically their strong values of boldness, independence and human driven convictions.

Sonic identity

The Carmignac sonic identity effectively conveys strong values such as independence and boldness. The sensitivity of the twirling violins, supported by the soothing feeling of the woodwinds, brass and guitar form a majestic crescendo and uplifting piece.

The tailor-made orchestral music composition is interpreted by the philharmonic orchestra of Opera de Paris and two soloists conducted by Sofia Timofeeva, recorded in the iconic studio Ferber in Paris.

The composition conveys a sense of anticipation, emotion and determination echoing the firm’s fund management expertise, dedication and human mission.


The sonic identity is used at every touch point: advertising campaigns, digital platforms, on-hold music, and events.

Its carefully crafted sonic DNA creates a holistic sonic system that helps with recognition, attribution, likeability and reinforces our positioning on the market.



Christophe Peronin– General Manager
Simon Zaks
– Director of Communication
Jean-Philippe Degrandi – Brand, Advertising & Media Director


Michael Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Vincent Turbé – Creative Director
Eric Caissy – Chief Orchestrator
Rose Bernard – Project Manager