Colleen Fahey, Managing Director

Author: AUDIO BRANDING: Using Sound to Build Your Brand

Colleen Fahey is a creative executive with deep expertise in branding and marketing at multiple touch points. 

When she learned of Sixième Son, she approached them about expanding their borders to North America. She opened a sonic branding agency in Chicago at the end of 2012. Since then, her team has led Sixième Son’s audio branding initiatives for Atlanta, Huggies, Merrell shoes, Sparkling Ice, TD bank, USAA, a research hospital, a college, a global vaccine launch, a medical technology, an AIDS treatment, a manufacturer, an addiction recovery behemoth, a news network…and counting.

The North American business now operates out of New York, Toronto and Chicago.

Throughout her career, Colleen has worked for major marketing organizations and leading brands in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. She served as Executive Creative Director at Frankel (now Arc Worldwide), where she also ran a thriving business unit and carried executive responsibility for Human Resources and Employee Development, managing over 150, mostly right-brained often left-handed, people. 

Post the sale of Frankel to Publicis, Colleen moved onto a global Publicis Worldwide strategic team based in Paris, her role was to support the network of agencies with branding, path-to-purchase, activation and kids marketing initiatives around the world.
Raised in Madrid, she speaks fluent Spanish as well as conversational French and pathetic Portuguese.



100% at the Grand Prize of Strategy Design.


Creation of the Carrefour, Wiko and Huggies sonic identities


Grand Prize Design Strategy


Opening of New York City office


Medal For The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And International Development