The work we do with Sixieme Son is part of our intrinsic brand imaging. The audio brand is as important as how we define the use of our logo.

Juan Herrera, Global Brand Advertising Director

A global first in sonic branding

One note, times ten


In 2019, AXA rebranded and introduced a new tagline, “Know You Can.”

The sonic identity is 12 years in the making and has evolved with the Axa brand thanks to their long standing relationship with Sixième Son.

In 2008, AXA entrusted Sixième Son with the creation of a sonic identity.

In 2017, the sonic identity was evolved bringing in acoustic and organic sounds and voice to bring even more simplicity and humanity to the brand.

AXA has become a life partner that supports its clients in accomplishing whatever they want to achieve.

Customers and their needs are the top priority. The brand’s core values are courage, solidarity, humanity, kindness and integrity.

Sonic identity

The main element is the repetition of the same note, 10 times. This creates a powerful driving force, conveying the capacity to surpass yourself to reach your dreams.

It is characterized by its originality and simplicity, making it both dynamic and timeless.

This breakthrough sonic identity is not attached to any particular melody, instrument or key. Thus, it offers an astonishing flexibility. The ten notes travel from one instrument to another mirroring Axa’s promise to offer to be our partner in life, no matter the situation.


The breakthrough sonic logo is integrated in all global TV commercial campaigns. Though flexible in its instrumentation, the recognizability of its pattern has had a true impact on the coherence of the brand communication.

For the Know You Can campaign launch, Axa chose to use the song appropriately titled “I Can” by Nas. Many of the brand’s global teams liked the song, but did not feel that the original conveyed the right emotion for their local campaigns. As a solution, Axa asked Sixième Son to produce an emotionally charged cover.

The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive and as a result, Axa commissioned a full-length song based on the cover, which is now available to stream on all major platforms.



Juan Ramirez – Sales Director in Quality Control and Talent Recruitment
Joel Castro-Gonzales – Communication Director General Secretary, Brand CSR
Ifeoluwa Bamidele – Advertising officer at AXA Group
Mya DawalibyBrand & Advertising Group Marketing & Digital
Susana Lopez Ruiz – Corporate Brand Building Director en AXA GIE
Paul Bennett – Global Brand Director at AXA


Michaël Boumendil – President & Chief Creative Director
Laurent Cochini – Managing Director
Ella Duda, Anne-Sophie Moretti – Project Director & New Business
Julien Goris, Vincent Turbé – Artistic Directors