The Further Rise of Alexa During Covid-19


Fun Fact: In April 2020, the Alexa voice search platform fielded more cooking questions than it had at Thanksgiving.

Written by Colleen Fahey, Managing Director USA

The voice community is abuzz with stories of the increase in usage of vocal assistants, and it’s not only people asking about the virus.  People used to play games on the weekends, but Google Assistant is seeing daily game play as people take breaks from their work from home. 

Fun Fact: People are not asking a previously common question, “How long will it take for me to get to work.” There are also shifts in usage patterns, due to the fact that more people are working from home. The typical before-work and after-work peaks are being stretched out into the rest of the day.

It follows more of a weekend pattern in some ways.”

Manoj Sindhwani, Amazon’s vice president of Alexa Speech said.

As voice usage become more commonplace people are developing relationships with voice assistants and, therefor, the brands that create them. A watch-out for brands voice strategy is to be careful that your brand’s voice and sounds stand out from Alexa and Google Assistant’s and the rest, or the customer may extend the relationship to Alexa rather than to your brand.

Alexa, will you marry me?

Fun Fact: Alexa has had over a million marriage proposals and declarations of love.

The good news for brands, is that if you’re doing content marketing now, you’re already on your way to creating your voice app.

says Susan Westwater, co-author of Voice Strategy

Much of that content can be repurposed as content for voice. Same is true if you’ve written a book.

Despite your careful voice search plans, customers’ reactions may surprise you

Fun Fact: The Sixième Son voice in the company’s voice-enabled app, Sonic Brand Answers, though it is still in soft launch, has already received its first marriage proposal!