Transform Awards: 3x winner on 3 different continents



Sixième Son won 3 Transform Awards on 3 different continents in the “Best Use of Audio Brand” category: Gold in Asia with Petronas, Silver in Northern Europe with Genelec and Bronze in North America with USAA.

First place for Petronas

Petronas’ sound identity was created by Sixième Son as part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative on behalf of PETRONAS, which wants to have a distinctive audio identity that underscores its commitment to being a partner of energy and progressive solutions for a sustainable future.

The new brand is clearly more modern and emotionally charged through the audio identity, achieving the objectives of refreshing the overall brand, expressing passion and progress, and increasing relevance.

Moreover, it aligns with the the PETRONAS ambitions, performs better in digital channels and multisensory environments, stands out among global competitors, and provides a glimpse into a cleaner energy future we can all feel optimistic about. That sounds like progress!

A new chapter for Genelec

Ever conscious of the importance of quality in a sonic experience, Genelec sought to own a distinctive sonic identity to open a new chapter in the brand’s rich history of seeking out innovative solutions.

After less than a year of launch. and implementation, the GENELEC sonic brand strategy and creative solutions are already being. recognized for their excellence. The collaboration of an inspired brand team and Sixième Son’s expertise has been a recipe for success.

GENELEC was recognized by the Transform Awards in the category “Best Use of Audio Branding” and won a hard-earned award on November 24, 2020.

A boost for USAA

A brand catering to military families, uncovered that their awareness was extremely low among audiences in their key growth market. They decided to create a sonic brand to drive awareness, while strengthening emotional bonds with existing customers.

Sixième Son has created a branded music library, designed to be looped or cut and reused, offering a flexible range of USAA branded music for video content.

A declension on TV and radio through the “Made For” campaign that brought together the USAA’s messages around a single platform. The music adds an energetic tone, with snare drums suggesting the military and a song reminiscent of camaraderie.

Another variation is the event music kit, which helps managers to mobilize their audience and highlight the brand during company meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

And the last variation is the customer service help-line for member satisfaction related to the experience with the USAA call center.

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