Clovispoint Podcast Series on Sound DNA with Colleen Fahey


You can tell that Clovispoint instinctually understands branding

The conversation turns from sound DNA to pondering their own brand and a book about Listening. Join what starts as an interview and ends up as conversation that might take place around a kitchen table.

brand building sound DNA

They speak about the importance of sound in brand building, Sixieme Son’s process, and how brands everywhere need to start thinking about sound in building their brand.

The podcast dives into her work and how it consists of creating a sound vocabulary for brands that revolve around its core values.  This is a sound DNA that can be translated to create ear prints, sounds for product components (on/off, etc.), scores for advertisements and much more.  Clovispoint recorded this podcast right when the stay at home order was issued, so no beer was consumed.

Have a listen to this is really eye opening or rather ear opening In Conservation podcast

Clovispoint is a Chicago based film company that interviews interesting people who discuss what they do and who they are.

Our USA Managing Director, Colleen Fahey, discusses how having a brand ear print is crucial in this day and age. The podcast covers how creating a sound vocabulary for a range of different emotions and situations all comes together in the brands’ sonic ecosystem.

Brands should capitalize on the missed opportunity in sonic branding to complement their visual marketing. Brands that only invest in visuel marketing is a mistake : it’s complementary. For more information read about this in our article on voice activation. Today, brands can no longer ignore emotions linked to sound, sound is the only way to get your message across.

Multi-sensory branding is more effective method of branding. Sound has been growing exponentially ever since the boom in voice activated devices.