Silver for Etisalat at the Transform Awards MEA


Etisalat and Sixième Son took the Silver for the “Best use of Audio Branding” category at the Transform Awards MEA.

In 2019, the Etisalat brand experienced a rebirth based on a simple statement: the world is a better place when people are together. In an industry where sound is crucial to the customer experience, the brand wanted to convey the openness, inclusiveness, and togetherness that Etisalat values, while at the same time increasing attention and impact across all touchpoints.

Their new slogan “Together Matters” gave birth to the Sound of Togetherness. A particularly strong concept in the Emirati and Arabic world, deeply rooted in history and everyday life.

The key message the brand wanted to convey is perfectly summed up in the catchphrase of their latest campaign: “Enabling togetherness through technology”, a grand demonstration of the will of the company to cement itself as an innovator for good. Sixième Son was entrusted with creating the sonic identity that would accompany this campaign.

According to the jury, the result is memorable, punchy and fresh. “I love the use of human voices as the central part of this sonic identity,” said one judge.

Federating people is in Etisalat’s DNA… And the wonderful thing about music is that it can travel without needing translation. A creative strategy praised by the members of the jury: “I like the way they focused on lyric expression to avoid translation issues.”