Live, celebrate, federate… When music and sport become one


For their 18th edition, Sixième Son had the pleasure to accompany in music the SPORSORA Sports Marketing Awards. The opportunity for Laurent Cochini, to look back on the emotional power of sound in sports.

In the world of sports, brands continue to make us dream and maintain a strong emotional bond with their audiences. However, one subject still eludes them too often: music. It is used with a lot of amateurism, as an illustration and rarely as an identity tool. But music is emotion, a universal language to embody, transcend and mark the history of a club, an athlete and the fans.

From sportainment to memory

It’s no coincidence that every year the Superbowl features an outstanding musical show. The kings of entertainment are masters in the art of staging icons that contribute to the sports show… and to raise the stakes of TV spots.

In France, it is through the anthems and songs of supporters that music has imposed itself, true moments of communion between the spectators and the team. In 2018, when Les Bleus were crowned World Champions, the French even had to invent their own anthem, “orphaned” as they were of an emblematic melody, of a chorus powerful enough to leave a sound imprint to this 2nd star.

Celebrate, galvanize, unite

This is a cry far from UEFA’s tour de force. The Champions League anthem, composed in 1992, continues to send shivers down the spines of all football lovers. It has truly contributed to the emotional dimension of the competition, the attachment of audiences and its international scope.

Other sound strategies have been developed since then, notably at the initiative of French rights holders. And the results are there. Since 2015, at each of his victories, Rafael Nadal has raised the Coupe des Mousquetaires to the music of Roland-Garros: unique musical textures inspired by the history of the tournament, its prestige, the clay court, Paris.

The A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organisation) has also chosen a custom-made sound to amplify the communication of its emblematic Tour de France. From the launch press conference to the consecration of the Yellow Jersey on the Champs-Élysées, the sound identity reinforces the intensity and magic of the moment, and participates in its ritualization.

Identity sound to emerge

We Are the Champions, The Eye of the Tiger, We Will Rock You… Musical clichés have a hard life. But you have to stand out. So to accompany the announcement of the composition of the teams, the entry of the players on the field, to celebrate the goals scored at home or in digital, FC Barcelona or OGC Nice have opted for music to embody the heritage of their club and to further affirm their brand identity. And then to win the adhesion of the often demanding fans is a challenge that can be met in large part by the music. On the condition that you don’t make a mistake… PSG has recently paid the price.

Moreover, the DJ or rock star of the moment, while it will undoubtedly generate a lot of expectation and excitement on paper, can sometimes be counterproductive. Many opening ceremonies have been missed because they didn’t find the right sound.

Not more music, but “better music”

To be effective, a sound identity must combine customization, consistency with the brand’s values and usability at all touch points. Memorization and impact will only be strengthened to generate engagement and enrich the experience of viewers, visitors and customers. It is often said that music determines the quality of a party. In sports, it also contributes to the quality of the event through its ability to increase the emotion of an exploit. On the forecourt or in the heart of the stadiums, in front of one’s television set, alone or with friends, in bars or fanzones, music has this rare and envied power to give the thrill and to participate in founding moments…

Photo by Precious Madubuike on Unsplash