Trend: devices get better at saying without talking


Auditory experiences get louder as we look beyond the visual playing field – Human Machine Interface

By Colleen Fahey, Managing Director USA

The extremely industrious Matt Klein, for a recent article called The Meta Trending Trends: 2020, looked at “+500 trends from 30 reports by: DeloitteGoogleForresterGartnerTrend WatchingTrend HunterAccenture & FjordFrogKantarFacebook IQPinterestMintelTwitterEdelmanFuture Today InstituteMindshareSpringwiseCB InsightsGlobal Web IndexForesight FactoryJWTCaratHubspotEconsultancy & AdobeWGSNIsobarFordLandorThe Future Laboratory & Daniel Ecker.”

I can corroborate one of the meta-trends he identifies

More coherent approaches to sound

We’re feeling it in our business at Sixième Son. Companies are definitely seeking, not exactly louder, but more coherent approaches to sound.

Last year, a new dimension jumped in importance: branding for Human Machine Interfaces. Brands are putting the responsibility for the signals in devices, appliances and vehicles into the hands of brand designers rather than engineers.

tailor-made sonic ecosystems

On both sides of the Atlantic, we’ve found that companies are looking for tailor-made sonic ecosystems that express the brand while conveying the function through tiny sounds that signal “on” “off” or “connecting” and the like. It’s amazing how much branding through human machine interface you can convey with just one second of sound.

I suppose this is a symptom of another meta-trend identified in the analysis, “The physical and virtual blur, making distinctions both uncanny and archaic.”

 P.S. Here are the trend-watchers’ headlines that led Matt to decide the auditory experience is meta-trend.

Turning the Volume to 11

Auditory experiences get louder as we look beyond the visual playing field

Sonic Branding — Springwise

Sonic Branding — JWT

Turning up the Volume — Kantar

Listen Up: Rise of Audio Influencer — Edelman

Audiophilia — Foresight Factory

From Pods to Screen (US) — Facebook IQ

Branded Podcasting — Trend Hunter

Voice Everywhere — Daniel Ecker

Read all 11 meta-trends here, I promise it’s full of insights. Thanks, Ella Duda for finding it!

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