FC Barcelona: Més que un club


More than…

A club

FC Barcelona is one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world. Not only great for the sporting achievements it has been able to make over the years. But also because the name « Barça » means something… To the Socios that support it, to people who live in the city, to fans all over the world. More than football, Barça embodies a state of mind that draws its roots from the core values of sport.

« Més que un club »: more than victories or losses because FC Barcelona invented its own style of play; more than players and fans, more than love or hate… more than a Club because they believe in the power of Sport to change the world… It’s stronger than anything. The club needed music to express that and the inspiring values that already live through the emblematic blaugranas colors of the club and the strong 1974 anthem: « Cant del Barça ».

A music

On June 17, Barça revealed the new players’ shirt for next season. They gathered 250 singers – women, men and children from different iconic choirs of Barcelona- on the lawn of the majestic Camp Nou for the occasion.

Initially designed as a brand campaign music, this track quickly became a powerful brand asset. It is about to be integrated into a more global sonic system, a holistic strategy that embraces the consistency and power of the Barça brand.

With this music, the club shows its ability to honor its historical Catalan culture while adapting to a sport in constant evolution and addressing the largest number of people.