From the moment Sixieme Son was founded, we’ve helped causes for a world of diversity and inclusion

Music and sound ignore socio-geographic boundaries and brings us together as Humans. It is therefore one of the best means to convey positive and supportive messages. Thus, since its creation in 1995, Sixième Son has consistently supported NGOs and associations that work towards social cohesion, diversity, inclusion and solidarity.  

Working with them is also inspiring for the teams. It adds meaning to our work whilst giving us time to make the world a better place, using the power of sound.

Action Against Hunger

Overcoming hunger by fighting its causes, Action Against Hunger is an NGO that has been fighting hunger throughout the World for nearly 40 years in close to 50 countries. Its priorities are conducting impactful field actions and testifying about vulnerable populations. 

Sixième Son crafted the NGO’s sonic identity. The composition brings your attention to the violence of hunger, yet carries a message of hope, solidarity and commitment. This sonic ID is highly representative of AAH’s values, and gathers the NGO’s teams through sound.

SOS Group

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Sixième Son is partnering with Europe’s first social and societal change devoted non-profit network.

For over 35 years, it has applied cost efficiency for common good. With this approach, SOS Group meets contemporary social issues by developing innovative solutions in 9 main fields of activity: International action, Youth, Employment, Solidarities, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological transition, Territorial action.

Sixième son created a sonic identity that goes with all the organization’s speeches and media, and embodies the diversity of SOS Group audiences, just like the diversity of colours you can find in their visual identity.

Watch Duty California Wildfires

Watch Duty is an app dedicated to informing people about wildfires in California. In the face of worsening wildfires, Silicon Valley engineers wanted to use their skills to help fellow Californians. They formed a non-profit organization to help citizens and first responders recognize and track danger by keeping everyone safe and informed.

The app uses public channels such as police and fire scanners, satellite data, photography and more to help people discover and track wildfire hazards in real time.

A sensitive notification sound that would alert citizens without alarming them was needed. Sixième Son stepped in to design and refine this sound, which “brings comfort” according to reviewers.


UNICEF is a United Nations agency providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children around the world. It is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations worldwide, present in nearly every country.

Their sonic identity gives room to the voice of children and their messages: they demand and deserve respect and a future. We need to care for them.

This pro bono mission helped reinforce the organization’s voice, and allowed them to deliver a strong message to the world.

Paris Philharmonic

The Paris Philharmonic is a unique and iconic cultural center, bringing musical awareness and teachings to a diverse public. Its sonic identity captured that musical essence by promoting diversity and inclusiveness. Solidifying the institution as a bridge between communities, bringing people together to celebrate, learn and live.

The sonic identity we have created embodies this message : Everybody deserves an access to culture and elevation.