Sixième Son helps brands design audio identities with the aim of building brand preference

Since its launch in 1995, Sixieme Son has designed tailored-made musical identities for over 350 brands with the aim of growing brand preference and influence. We also handle the musical production for all communication touchpoints creating a coherent musical ecosystem for each brand.

The brand: the starting point for each musical strategy

Powerful audio identity and lasting musical strategy is grounded in deep knowledge of the brand and its competitive position. Our team of experts dives into the brands, their environments and their history to understand their vision, their strategic choices and their aspirations.

This methodology allows us to provide our clients a musical language that fits their brand’s personality, and conveys a distinctive message and image to all its audiences.


Andrew Wilson
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

A targeted and disciplined audio identity

An audio identity won’t be successful unless it has been intelligently adapted to the different contact points used by the brand.

Whether on TV, radio, over the phone, during a brand event, or digitally, each communication touchpoint must fit the occasion and suggest the brand.. The Sixième Son team has created more than 3000 adaptations based on their clients’ musical identities.

Audio style guide: your brand’s identity shine

The creation of an audio style guide gives a roadmap to the implementation of a sonic identity. It can be used internally and/or by your agencies.

Our goal is to give each brand a coherent musical ecosystem.

The audio style guide provides the map to this territory. This tool is designed to explain the different applications of the musical DNA and to teach users the strategy behind it.

Our creative team is dedicated to brands

Our production studio lives within our agency, which makes it possible for our team to manage the entirety of a brand’s audio and musical creation and to answer all of a brand’s creative needs, especially for TV and radio commercials, events and digital applications.

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